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Your Winter Getaway

Ah, winter, we do love you here in Byron Bay but sometimes it’s nice to plan a little getaway from the cooler months. We think we have it pretty sweet here (yes, we may be a little biased, but hey)…we still have days of 23+ and plenty of sunshine, but the cooler nights and rainy days can sometimes leave us dreaming of something a little different.

We’ve got you covered for sun and snow, whatever takes your fancy this winter.


For some winter’s sun we’ve chosen Broome.

With pearly white sands, the coastal town offers some of the most beautiful turquoise waters in Western Aus. Winter is a perfect time to visit Broome as the temperatures aren’t too blisteringly hot (around a cruisey 28) and it’s dry season from June – October so that means little rain too. Sounds perfect for keeping the tan topped up.

Relax with a beer at the iconic Matso Brewery overlooking Roebuck Bay, watch the sunset at Cable beach, go pearl shopping in Chinatown and check out the local Courthouse Markets for crafts, jewellery and art.

Stay: The Billi, located near Cable Beach but offering a private escape. Choose a one bedroom villa or a luxury eco tent for something different.

Eat: Enjoy amazingly fresh mud-crab, a local delicacy, at The Deck Restaurant in the Kimberley Resort & Spa

Do: See the Staircase to the Moon. When the full moon rises over Roebuck Bay between April and October, a magical phenomenon occurs, creating an illusion over the water that golden stairs are leading you all the way to the moon. Honestly amazing.



It is winter after all, and sometimes it’s nice to feel like you’re experiencing a ‘proper’ winter like our fellow Europeans do. And by ‘proper’ winter, I mean snow, cold and mulled wine.

Now of course the obvious choice here would be Thredbo or Perisher, but we’re actually a little more intrigued by the beauty of Charlotte Pass. Because of the smaller size it doesn’t attract quite the crowds as the aforementioned two, which means everything feels a little more intimate.

Don’t be put off by the journey to Charlotte Pass (accessible by over snow transport only), the magic of being the only snowbound, and the tallest resort in Australia definitely makes up for it. Charlotte Pass sits at 1765 meters tall giving it a fantastic quality of snow fall. Whether you’re a complete beginner or enjoy something more challenging, the Pass has it all, even a play park for the little ones.

Stay: Arlberg Ski Club, located at the top of Charlotte Pass Village this lodge has panoramic views of the mountains and comes complete with an open fire lounge area and spa, perfect for relaxing after a long day on the slopes.

Eat: Enjoy après ski at Adams Cocktail Lounge, the bartenders can make you just about any cocktail that takes your fancy.

Do: Watch the sunrise on the Mount Stilwell Snow Experience tour and be the first to make it down the slopes on the untouched fresh snow.


 Shop our edit online now and enjoy your winter lovelies!

Y xo

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