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Laundry Care

All Dreamers & Drifters garments are lovingly handmade with natural fabrics, meaning they require a little extra love and care when it comes to laundry.


Premium, natural linen is such a beautiful fabric in the summer months thanks to its breathability, durability and softness against the skin, it’s also a wonderfully relaxed texture for winter layering.

It’s important to note that linen improves with age and use. Over time it develops a softer feel and becomes increasingly more absorbent (this is normal!).


While our linen is extremely durable, to prolong the life of our garments we recommend washing them by hand in warm or cool water. You can machine wash, just make sure to place on a delicate cycle. Always avoid a hot wash. Lay out flat to air dry in the shade.

Please note, when hand washing our linen overalls, do not leave to soak for too long as this can result in damage to the metal clips.

Cotton & Rib Cotton

Our all-natural cotton has a silky-smooth finish which feels so soft and luxurious against the skin. Cotton yarn with a loose weave has some give in the fabric and flexibility which also makes it a divine choice for keeping you cool.

Rib cotton is ideal for those everyday essentials and base layers for your winter outfits.


Due to the natural nature of our cotton and rib cotton fabrics, we recommend hand washing in warm or cool water, or placing on a gentle machine wash in a garment bag for added protection. Line dry in the shade.

Cotton Voile

Cotton voile is a soft, sheer fabric, light in weight, the fabric is comfortable on the skin and drapes beautifully, which lends itself perfectly to our soft summer blouses. Due to the weave pattern, it’s also a wonderfully robust and long-lasting fabric despite its delicate appearance.


Voile is a delicate fabric, therefore garments should be hand washed and only machine washed if placed inside a garment bag on a cold, delicate cycle. After washing, you are able to stretch voile gently while the fabric is slightly damp to restore its original length and width. Air dry in the shade.

It is possible to iron voile, if necessary, with an iron set on low heat and light steam. Cover the fabric with a press cloth and then press the fabric using a light touch. Testing the iron on an inconspicuous spot first is always a good practice.

Organic Bamboo

Our 100% organic bamboo range is just so buttery soft it feels like a hug against the skin! Perfect for everyday tees and the comfiest base layers. This silky soft fabric is also incredibly absorbent, helping you to stay drier and cooler for longer.


Our organic bamboo garments are strictly hand wash only items. Please do not wash in a washing machine. Even though we pre-shrink all our fabrics before we cut our garments, due to the natural nature of bamboo jersey, any heat or over washing could result in shrinkage. Hand wash only and do not soak for too long. Line dry in the shade.


Our high quality rayon is made from a natural blend of wood pulp. It’s beautifully soft, lightweight and breathable, making it a lovely choice for warm weather and free-flowing styles like our Dreamer Maxi Dress and Sienna Midi Skirt.


To prolong the life of our rayon garments, we recommend that you wash by hand or on a delicate, low spin cycle to avoid any stretching or shrinkage. Always wash in cool or warm water, never hot, and air dry in the shade. 


Our full swimwear range is made from recycled Econyl. This sustainable fabric helps to rescue marine animals by removing ocean waste such as fishing nets from their natural habitats and remaking it into Econyl. 

It’s the perfect fabric choice for our fully lined, timeless swimwear styles.


While our Econyl is extremely hardwearing, to ensure our swimwear has a long life span we recommend gently hand washing in cool to warm water instead of machine washing. Rinse well, squeeze off excess water and lay out flat to dry in the shade.