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Travel Talk - Dreamers & Drifters ft. The Wanderful lyfe

This week for our travel blog we caught up with Cam and Kels of TheWanderfulLyfe, they’re a married couple living life on the road and making their dreams happen through photography and Instagram.

There is a much greater focus around the importance of seeing the world and being free, now more than ever, with people choosing to pass on University and paving their own mobile career paths to follow their travelling dreams.

We wanted to find out what life on the road really is like for Cam and Kels, their favourite destinations and how they get through any tough times faced by constantly being on the go.

- What’s the story behind your Instagram? How did you start your page?

We honestly had no idea that our account would turn out the way it is now... We started by just posting (horrible quality) photos from our honeymoon around Europe, and noticed that people were really enjoying them. I (Cam) was not a photographer at the time, and really had no idea what I was doing. We started as just a typical "couples travel" account, but once we noticed how massive that niche was getting with thousands of couples pretty much posting the same exact photos, we got a bit annoyed and started focusing a bit more on the actual craft. In other words, we wanted to try and set ourselves apart from just being classified as "another one of those damn travel couples" lol. As soon as we started really investing into our photography, things started happening, and we began to find our style and break into the niche of creatives whom we took so much inspiration from in the beginning.

- Why did you choose to travel?

We both grew up traveling quite a bit (primarily for surfing) but had never done so, just the two of us, with the intent of exploring outside of the ocean. After spending a month jumping around Europe together with no plans, no surfboards and no real distractions to limit our freedom, we seemingly fell in love with the unexpected... After returning home to our house, careers, and 'normal lives', it seemed to hit us like a massive blow to the gut - "WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING!?" So within six-months time (and not even 1 year into our marriage) we quit our jobs, sold everything we owned, and hit the road with two backpacks, a suitcase, a surfboard bag and a one-way ticket out.

- What’s your favourite thing about travelling?

Number 1 hardest question to answer! Hahaha honestly, I could go on-and-on about how much traveling opens up your mind to new cultures, new ideals, different ways of living, and expands your horizons to blah blah blah (insert more cliche responses here) haha. (Which for the record, I'm not hating on by any means! All of these answers would be spot on and hold so much truth!) But for us, it really just gravitates back to one thing... the feeling of truly being ALIVE and living day-to-day in the unexpected! It's like a high that nothing else can produce... We're addicted.

- Biggest challenge of being married and on the road and how do you manage it?

Literally...the fact that we're 'married' and 'on the road' is the biggest challenge in and of itself! Hahaha, but I think that if we really had to narrow it down to one particular aspect, it would be the fact that we're not only traveling together, but we work together... and live together... and eat together... and sleep together... In other words, WE ARE ALWAYS TOGETHER! If we fight, there's about a 30 minute window before one of us has to lean over and figure out what we're doing for dinner, or if the other is feeling like some ice cream lol. And we're all each other really has out here. So the hardest part about being married and on the road - sucking up your pride and defusing fights almost immediately. It's tougher than it sounds!

- Do you ever miss ‘home comforts’?

Short answer - Nope. We miss our families terribly, but that's really it... We've been together for over 9 years, since age 15, and have never really been emotionally tied to a specific place. So for us, as cliche as it sounds, we've found "home" simply in being with eachother.


- How do you stay fit and healthy on the road?

This is definitely a super challenging factor that we face with this lifestyle. Our 'routines' differ depending on where we are in the world and what's available to us. Typically, if we are somewhere along a coastline with waves, I (Cam) will just surf. If there's not waves, then... well... I don't lol. As for Kelsey, the past few months she has been trying to eat more of a vegetarian-based diet. She also has her morning yoga routines which she can practice from practically anywhere. We're based primarily in Bali, which allows us to have a consistent gym and maintain a sound diet. However, unfortunately, this also means cutting down on the Bintangs...

- Favourite travel destination?

Number 2 hardest question to answer! Each part of the world seems to hold its own unique characteristics which we've fallen in love with for various reasons. At the moment, Indonesia seems to keep calling us back, which is why we currently call it home. Although our opinions on this topic seem to change with each new place we explore, we could definitely throw out a couple honourable mentions... For Kelsey, Italy stole her heart the moment she was handed a fork! haha Seeing that I'm a sucker for Pho, I'd give the culinary advantage to Vietnam, but would proudly sit still in Indonesia for the sake of consistent surf, beautiful people and some of the most incredible islands in the world.

- Top travel tips?

Pack light, keep and open mind, and don't be afraid to travel slowly! Too many people get caught up in this idea of collecting stamps, like the number of countries you collect somehow scores you higher on a global scale... Don't buy in to this! The only way to really get to know a place is by sitting still, asking questions, and experiencing what its truly like to walk in others shoes.

- Tips for aspiring bloggers and instagrammers? 

Work hard, stay original, and BE PATIENT! This is very similar to what we said about countries and traveling - too many people get caught up in the numbers game. Although building an audience does play a major part in this industry, it still comes second to authenticity. Remain honest with your audience! There are heaps of videos and services out there that promote "growth hacks" and other tactics for gaining influence quickly, however, these practices will only end up hurting you in the end. It's wise to not go into this industry with the sole intention of making a profitable career out of it. Focus on the creative aspect and figuring out what sets you apart. This is the best way of growing an organic audience and maintaining authenticity.

- Where will we see Cam and Kels next?

Number 3 hardest question to answer! Hahaha honestly, your guess is as good as ours...


Well here at Dreamers & Drifters we definitely can’t wait to see where Cam and Kels end up next! To follow their travels (and the most dreamy, travel-inspiring pictures EVER) check out their Instagram @thewanderfullyfe.

Now to start planning my next trip…

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