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Dreamers&Drifters ft. Moonflower Mists

Here atourDreamers & DriftersByron Bay storewe have a new obsession called Moonflower Mists…

A collection launched by Emma Thomas featuring a beautiful range of body sprays, perfume rollers and essential bath oils, we also love her essential oil Make-up remover and Calming Linen Spritz.

All products are certified organic and absolutely not tested on animals (yay!).


As if the beautiful packaging wasn’t enough for us to fall in love with, theinfused products smellliterally divine and feel gorgeous on your skin.

My personal favourite product has to be the WHITE POPPY PERFUME ROLLER. It has such a “sweet seductive scent of adrenaline-rich coffee and sweet sensuality of vanilla”. This roller is diluted with sweet almond oil and is infused with clear quartz chips. The white poppy and clear quartz look so fresh in the glass.

If something with more of an awakening zing is your go to fragrance then the SUNNI SUNFLOWER should be yours. Just looking at the mixture of fresh cut exotic flowers reminds me of lazing in the afternoon sun.


Handy for the upcoming festivals like Splendour in the Grass…grab your maxi dress, your cowboy boots and the Moonflower Mists BODY SPRAY and you’re ready to dance the night away. The 100ml bottle is perfect to fit into your bag too.

Emma even has you covered with a SEA SALT HAIR SPRAY MIST, if you’re anything like me and washing your hair at a festival is the last thing on your mind, this is the perfect product to keep it volumised and smelling fresh for the whole weekend (erm, yes please!)

We caught up with Emmato discover a little bit more about why essential oils and crystals are so central to the growth of Moonflower Mists...

D&D) What was the beginning of Moonflower Mists and how did it become a business?

E) Moonflower Mists was started as more of a hobby, that with passion and popularity led me to sharing my products with the world.

D&D) when did your love of essential oils and crystals begin?

E) I’ve always had a love for crystals from a young age and my passion infusing them came later on. 
Essential oils became a daily part of my life when I had my sonAngus, we struggled with his health and turned to a more natural way of living including the use of essential oils. 

D&D) How do you grow your own products?

E) use all certified organic products in everything we provide sourced from Australian companies that have the highest production standards.

D&D) Why are essential oils important for our bodies?

E) Essentials oils are a starting point to being chemical free. Sourced from natural botanicals, every essential oil has a unique purpose and effect on our bodies.

A non-chemical lifestyle ismore than not using chemicals. It’s about what we use on ourselves that impacts not only how we feel on the outside but also on the inside andimpacts the environment around us. 

E) Since playing with botanicals and the blending of essential oils I used my passion and love for crystals to infuse all of my products to have a purpose.Each crystal has a unique meaning and purpose so infusing my products gives each one an added healing property.

D&D) From the collection, which is the product that you use the most/ is your favourite?

E)  personally love the whole collection asforevery product weconduct months of testing to get itas desired as possible.
For my daily routine I use the Lavender and Frankincense FacialSerum which is super healing, calming and helps to firm my skin. I then use the Solace Peace and Calming Aroma Roller to help keep me calm through out the day then as my perfume I love the White Poppy Perfume Roller.


Find these beautiful products in our store now!


Check out Emma’s website and Instagram too for more information:

Instagram: @moonflowermists



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