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Kendall Baggerly wears the Jungle Flower wrap dress

Kendall Baggerly
wears the Jungle Flower wrap dress

Kendall Baggerly style blogger Jungle Flower wrap dress

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

How old are you? Where do you live? When did you start your Insta account? What do you do OR do you have any hobbies?

I’m 24 years old and I have been living in Sydney, Australia for the past year (and hopefully plan on being in Australia for good!).
I started my Instagram about two years ago when I began working as a social media manager for an agency in California. I always enjoyed taking photos and was doing social media for work, so it sort of all started from then!
I’m still working in social media marketing here in Sydney, and in my time off I’m typically out in nature, at the beach, or travelling in my VW van with my boyfriend.

Kendall Baggerly wears the Jungle Flower wrap dress Kendall Baggerly wears the Jungle Flower wrap dress
How would you describe your style?

Two words: simple and flowy! I like to keep my closet full of high quality pieces that I’ll wear time and time again. And there’s just something so freeing and beautiful about flowy pieces. I love the way they move when you walk and how they flow in the wind. And the way they don’t restrict you is a plus!

 Jungle Flower wrap dressJungle Flower wrap dress

I often chat to chicas who feel like they’ve lost their style or feel like they need help. Can you suggest an simple outfit that could be easy to replicate?

A summery dress with slides and a jean jacket is always a good go-to that’s stylish and comfortable. Or look for little ways to dress up a simple staple, like pairing jeans and a tee with some gorgeous colourful earrings or a fun hat. It’s all about finding what makes you comfortable and confident!

Jungle Flower wrap dress leg showing slit detail Jungle Flower wrap dress worn by blogger

What are your 3 x Summer essentials for this season? (Clothing /shoes / or accessories)
A good bikini, a flowy dress to throw on over it, and a straw hat. I LOVE hats.

Jungle Flower wrap dress worn by Kendall Baggerly Fashion blogger wears the Jungle Flower wrap dress

Who takes your photos?
My boyfriend Glenn takes all of them! He’s getting really into photography on his own, so it works well.

Key to a good photo?
Lighting is everything! I typically try to shoot early in the morning or in the afternoon when the sun isn’t so harsh.
Another key is to have fun and smile if you’re the subject of the photo! I’m not a fan of the “I’m too cool to smile in photos” look. If you’re genuinely happy, don’t hide it! Your smile and happiness will make those who look at your photo smile as well. And the world could use a whole lot more of that :)

What motivates you on a Monday;)
Funny enough, it’s actually the previous weekend that motivates me on Mondays. If I had a fulfilling weekend, I’m much more motivated to power through my day!

Jungle Flower wrap dress Jungle Flower wrap dress
About the Jungle Flower wrap dress:
>what size do you usually wear + what are you wearing in the wrap dress?

I typically wear a size 8 or small in dresses, and I’m wearing a small in the wrap dress :)

What do you think of the fit?
It fits so beautifully! The two ties allow me to taper it exactly to my waist, which is key when wearing something flowy. Instead of the dress just draping on me, it hugs my waist (without that annoying pinching!) to show a more flattering figure.

How does the fabric feel?
SO SOFT. And lightweight, which is really important during warmer days!

Styling tips /ideas
I keep it simple and top off the dress with a hat most of the time. The beauty with this piece is that you can throw it on and your outfit is basically complete! But I also have worn it completely open with jeans and a tank top so it acts as a kimono.

Any extra comments about the dress to make buying it online easier for shoppers?
The arms are cinched at the end so you can wear it long sleeved or up on your arm more, which is another great way to make it your own and wear it different ways!

 Thank you for chatting to us beautiful! 

If you would like to follow Kendall's adventures, check out her Insta account HERE:

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