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How to care for your linen clothing

Linen is the perfect choice for hot summer days as it absorbs moisture well and then releases it quickly. Also, air can flow freely through linen fabric, allowing the skin to breathe and avoiding that uncomfortable feeling of clothes sticking to your body – not ideal in humidity!

When it comes to caring for your linen garments, there are just a few things to remember. Contrary to popular belief, you certainly do not need to dry clean linen. 

How to wash your linen clothes 

It’s important to note that linen improves with age and use. Over time it develops a softer feel and becomes increasingly more absorbent (this is normal!).

Ideally, we suggest you wash your linen garments by hand in warm or cool water. Definitely avoid a hot wash as this could result in shrinkage and fading of darker colours.

Use a gentle swishing motion and never wring, twist or scrub your linen items.

You can machine wash linen, just make sure it’s on a delicate cycle. If it’s possible to select the water level in your washing machine, always use the maximum offered as your clothes will move more freely.

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Before washing, be extra careful when separating your colours into lights and darks, you don’t want to discover a bright red sock managed to find its way into the wash!

Where possible, avoid overcrowding the washing machine as too many items can twist or pull your linen clothing.

Wash in a mild detergent and make sure any soapy residue has been completely washed off before drying.

How to dry your linen clothes

It’s always best to air dry your linen garments, just make sure you hang on a padded hanger to avoid marks or lay it out flat on a drying rack.

Hangers or clothespins can also cause the garment to lose its original shape.

We suggest you avoid drying your linen pieces in a tumble dryer, although you may tumble dry on low for a few minutes to help loosen wrinkles, and then immediately take out to air dry fully. 

One of linen’s beautiful qualities is its natural creases. They give the garment an effortless, relaxed look that’s perfect for lazy summer days.

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However, if you insist on ironing, there are a couple of care tips to take note of…

How to iron your linen clothes

It’s important to iron your linen clothes when they are still slightly damp. 

Use a medium-high heat setting and gently press down over the wrinkles only until they have been removed.

You don’t need to iron linen until it’s completely dry, as over drying will cause the fabric to feel stiff, and linen will dry quickly all on its own.

Bright and dark colours should be ironed on the backside of the garment to avoid a shiny appearance.

Alternatively, just use plenty of steam to get rid of unwanted creases. 

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We hope you found this care-kit useful! Check out our article on our favourite linen clothes for summer in Byron Bay, or shop our full range of linen online now.

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