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Friday Island - the inspiration behind the collection

Late in 2020 we drove up to Cape York, the Northern most point of Australia, a place so inaccessible that you have to catch a car ferry over crocodile infested waters to reach the peninsular. Once you arrive in the sleepy seaside village of Seisa, time slows and the little things stop weighing you down. All you need is to find a shady spot, the perfect palm tree, a cool drink and maybe a book. Tomorrow can wait...

Now the Torres Strait is made up of a group of picturesque islands with crystal clear blue water, white sand beaches and interesting islander culture. The core of Island culture is Papuo-Austronesian and the people traditionally a seafaring nation. There is a strong artistic culture, particularly in sculpture, printmaking and mask-making. The masks are intricate and I was so blown away by the detail that I actually forgot to take a photo (fail!)

The boat ride over to Friday island was long and bumpy, the water is choppy because of the tidal movement between the islands. Walking up the quay to Kazu Pearl was a bit dreamlike, and I was instantly inspired by the colours and bleached shells.

Below are some of my photos, they're unedited but it's what inspired me to design the Friday Island print, so I hope you enjoy the story behind the design.

Friday Island shells Friday island hammock Friday Island sunset 

Verity wearing Dreamers and Drifters in the Torres Strait Walking up to Kazu pearl Kazu Pearl on Friday island Friday Island  Friday Island ShellsThe flower  Friday Island shell garden Shell gardenThe view from our campsite

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