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Artist Alana Gunn creates our new window art artist painting 1

The blank canvas! We left the wall pink (from our cacti installation) as we wanted to reduce wasting unnecessary paint. Clever Alana used the undercoat to blend into her artwork. artist painting 2

Alana concentrating while I try my best to be as distracting as possible. artist painting 3

The wild first layer, base of the artwork. artist painting 5

Progress... up to this photo, 4 hours of non stop painting! artist painting 6

We decided to only use existing paint for this mural, in our effort to support the reuse + recycle vibes of Earth Day 2019.
Re-purposing left over paint from the floors of my store, re-working the pink undercoat and the last drops of pink in the bucket. It did mean that Alana had to  plan her idea a bit more carefully but it also meant that we walked a little lighter.

I've always believed that small actions have ripple effects, and it all starts with each person doing something small and thoughtful for a collective impact to make a difference. artist painting artist painting artist painting 1

Gorgeous reflections, art happening all around us. artist painting 1 artist painting artist painting 1 designer Verity Joy Wilson with artist Alana Gunn

Our designer, Verity, with Alana in front of the finished Art piece! artist painting artist painting 1

Thank you Alana, we absolutely LOVE your artwork!

Please drop by our store to view this amazing original piece in person.
120 Jonson Street, Byron Bay, Australia


Alana Gunn is a local Byron Bay painter, textile designer and dog lover.
Check out more of her work here:

Alana Gunn Artist Instagram page
Kukukachu Creative Studio Instagram page
Kukukachu Creative Studio Facebook page

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